Proposal submissions

The organizer of the OPIICS International Conference of Psychology, Sociology and Education and Social Services invites and encourages to the scientific community to present empirical works or professional experiences that match into the objectives and thematic areas of the conferences.

Every proposal of participating in the conferences (for every modality) will be send at Spanish or English language.

It´s necessary to attach the proposal archive in PDF format (you can see some tutorials for PC or MAC) through the work management web EasyChair from 15th of May to 31st of July 2019, to be possible the revision of your work.


Sending the partipation proposal with an oral communication and poster:

The rules that you have to consider for participating in the conference are the following:

  • To send a summary (about 200-300 words) with 3 to 6 key words and it will be published at a proceeding book, after the acceptance of the work and the presentation on the Congress.
  • Writing of the summary must be clear, precise and coherent. The sections will be settled down by the participants, it is recommended that the structure be done collecting this sections: Introduction, Results and Conclusions.
  • It is not necessary that the summary includes a references section, but if the participants want to include it, it must fit to the APA format, on the 6th edition.
  • For publishing, the communication summary and presenting at the Congress, the principal author must be signed up at the Congress.
  • The scientific committee, will evaluate the proposal and will do some review comments, but only in case of being necessary for the acceptation.

About the oral communications, the duration of them must be for about 15 minutes (10 minutes for the exposition of the topic, and 5 for the debate) and they will be integrated in a 90 minutes session.

If some members want to participate with an on-line oral communication, they will have to send the slides of the presentation in PDF format through the abstract platform presentation, but only if the summary is included and also accepted. They also have to send the presentation video, about 10 minutes of duration.

About posters, they must be printed in vertical and have as much these dimensions: 90 cm long, 120cm high.

If some members want to participate with an on-line poster, they have to send the abstract presentation of the poster in PDF format, through the same platform, but only if the summary is accepted.

Sending the partipation proposal with a symposium:

The symposiums are planificated sessions that are centered in a topic. The coordinator of the symposium also pasticipates, makes an initial summary and offers a general idea of the symposium. The speakers will participate telling some ideas related to the initial topic.

These are the rules for participating at the symposium:

  • To send a symposium proposal, you have to follow this model. After being presentated and also accepted, that proposal will be published on a proceeding book.
  • Every participant of the symposiums, must be singed up in the Congress. The coordinator won´t pay the license fee.
  • Every symposium will be made by 4-5 lectures and they will be organized by a coordinator.
  • Every symposium will have the duration of 75 minutes.
  • For the acceptace, the Scientific Committee will evaluate the proposal sent and will make some review comments.

If some members want to participate with an on-line symposium, they must send it through the same platform of the abstract presentation (after the acceptance of the proposal):

  • Slides in PDF Format.
  • Video with the presentation of the lectures (Maximum under 75 minutes).
  • Signed consent of all participant, for the replay and storage of the content in the web.

Sending the work for being published in The European Proceedings of Social & Behavioural Sciences (EpSBS):

If the participants want their work to be considerated for the published in The European Proceedings of Social & Behavioural Sciences (EpSBS) the article must be send completed through the EasyChair platform until the 30th of October 2019, following this model.


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